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Fight Store Pro Team Valley, the new name for Fight Store Newcastle is certainly the longest running dedicated Martial Arts Store in the Newcastle and Gateshead area, arguably the best store of its type in the region. The store attracts customers from as far south as Yorkshire and as far north as Scotland with a loyal following of professionally minded fighters who appreciate the difference between hand picked fight gear from the below par offering of the chain stores.

There is no doubt that its better to buy professional standard martial arts and boxing gear over the counter if at all possible, there are a number a major reasons as to why avoiding online shopping for Fight gear, especially protective equipment and technical apparel is important if at all possible however if you have no option of visiting the store we recommend our sister store, the long established Fightstorepro. The major variations from brand to brand in size, quality, fit and level of protection can make buying this type of equipment tricky, especially for a new comer to one of the major combat sports. 
Fight Store has prided itself on giving the best advice and service to North East fighters for the last ten years but if you need any persuasion check out our article 10 Reasons you should buy from Fight Store Newcastle!

Fight Store Newcastle, the regions #1 combat sports Fight Shop, moved in summer 2018 from Forth Banks in Newcastle City Centre over to the Team Valley Trading Estate in Gateshead; Approximately 2 miles from the centre of Newcastle.

The name has been a source of contention ever since! 
Its kind of funny in a way. We changed the name of the website FightstoreMMA to Fightstorepro in 2014 when we realised mixed martial arts had completely become its own sport and we needed a term to encompass a wider audience, with boxers and Muay Thai practitioners in particular not seeing themselves as part of MMA. We had taken the old school view point that MMA was a combination of sports not a sport itself but that quickly changed.

Fight Store Pro Team Valley is now our name for the store in Team Valley Gateshead; It’s a simple change to take account of the fact we are really a North East Fighters store, no longer in the city centre and certainly have always serviced fighters from all part of the North East region.