Ten years ago I set up Fightstoremma.com from a shoe box office above my gym Cyclone Martial Arts in Walbottle, Newcastle. A year later I moved into the centre of Newcastle and we built a community website called MMA Newcastle. A lot has changed since then and we felt it was time to go full circle.

The name of the site is MMA NEWCASTLE but that’s really only down to the status of the city as the regions capitol. The blog is really about combat sports in the region and equally includes Sunderland, Co. Durham, Middlesbrough, Northumberland and South Tyneside; In fact all the areas of the North East of England…We should have called it MMA NORTH EAST but it never really sounded right and truth is that could have equally applied to the North East of many places….so the name stands!

The old website was due a change ; When we built this site it was designed as a community resource to work in conjunction with Fight Store. Over the ten years we’ve been going we had added various resources, switched around the ideas of its function and chopped, changed and moved things about.  The North East MMA scene has developed massively since we started back in 2009 and now there is a far better infrastructure than even five years ago. When we started there was not a single full time MMA gym in the region. Ten years later there is at least one in every major town and some are producing world class fighters. The days of the Ronin fighter, moving from gym to gym, instructor to instructor to gain whatever knowledge they could has gone, the scene has matured here!

As a result we decided the best move for this website was to become a true blog dedicated to the sports we love and the people around them, We’ll still link the best gyms, comment on the best events and promote the people who work hard for these sports but now we feel the infrastructure doesn’t need us so much any more. It’s time to move on, so welcome to the new MMA Newcastle Blog; Hope you enjoy the more informal commentary from our writers and the new direction.

Alex Wright 2019

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